Which tax credits does the CAK apply?

We can apply a number of tax credits to the Wlz part of your healthcare contribution, but only if we have the required information. Sometimes you have to apply for the tax credit yourself.

Please note

Are you entitled to tax credits? We can only deduct it from the Wlz part of your healthcare contribution. However, your Wlz part can never be lower than 0. For example, if your tax credit is EUR 800 and your Wlz contribution is EUR 700, we set your Wlz contribution to EUR 0.

In general

Tax credit for a partner with no or low income

A special tax credit is available if your partner earns no or very little income. In some cases we apply this tax credit automatically and sometimes you will have to apply for it.

Elderly person's tax credit

You are entitled to the elderly person's tax credit if you have reach state pension (AOW) age in or before the year in question. Have you reached state pension age later? Then you are not entitled to the elderly person's tax credit.


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