What care is not refunded under my EHIC?

Care received in private clinics is generally not refunded. Such care is often not included in a country’s statutory insurance package. That is the case in Spain, for example. Care in a private clinic does not form part of the care package there. In such a case you will receive an invoice that you will have to pay yourself. The same applies to medical care on a cruise ship, for example. Those private healthcare providers (clinics or doctors) will not accept the EHIC as a means of paying for your care. The CAK is also unable to refund those costs to you retrospectively. You therefore have to cover the entire cost yourself.

Personal contribution for care abroad

In many countries you have to pay a personal contribution. That cannot be done using your EHIC. You will have to cover those personal contributions (or personal payments) yourself. They will not be refunded by us.

Insurance packages differ from one country to another. Enquire in your country of residence about whether you can take out separate insurance or travel insurance to cover any extra costs.

Please note: For medical care in your country of residence you use the insurance card provided by your health insurance fund. You therefore cannot use your EHIC for this.

Last modified on 23 December 2020

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