When can I apply for an EHIC?

You can apply for an EHIC from the date on which your treaty entitlement becomes effective. You will find that date in the letter we sent you. If you apply for the EHIC too early, we will unfortunately be unable to process your application.

Where is the ID number?

To apply for the EHIC, you need an ID number from the CAK. We quote this number in our letter notifying you of your treaty entitlement. You will receive separate letters for your family members; each family member has his or her own ID number. Can you not find your ID number or that of your family members, but want to apply for an EHIC? Please contact us on the following telephone number: +31 88 711 5551.

Have you already received an EHIC from the CAK? If so, you will find your ID number on your old EHIC card. Look under ‘Personal Identification Number’. You can use that number to apply for a new EHIC. Please leave out the initial ‘0’.

Your family members have their own ID number. They will also find that number on their old (or current) EHIC card.


Please note

You can apply for your new EHIC online before your card expires. This is possible from 1 October. Have you already applied to us for an EHIC twice and are you still registered with us? In that case we will send you a new EHIC automatically at the beginning of October. That means you no longer have to apply for or renew the card yourself.

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