I have received an annual statement for a deceased family member. What should I do?

You have received an annual statement because your family member was registered with us as a treaty-entitled person. If your family member has died, we send the annual statement(s) to his or her heirs. The statement contains a summary of the healthcare contributions that your family member paid to us and should have paid.

There are three possible scenarios:

  1. Your family member paid the contribution in full.
  2. Your family member overpaid for that year; the heirs then receive a refund.
  3. Your family member underpaid for that year; the heirs then have to make an additional payment.

My family member overpaid

If your family member overpaid, we will refund money to his or her heirs. The heirs will receive a letter from us indicating exactly what they have to do. It will also tell them which documents we need to be able to issue a refund.

My family member underpaid

If your family member underpaid, his or her heirs will need to make an additional payment to us. This relates to the contribution due up to the date of death. We are required by law to claim that payment. You will find the relevant provision in Article 4:182 of the Civil Code (Wetten.overheid.nl, in Dutch only).

Are you not an heir or have you not accepted the inheritance? Please contact us on the telephone number +31 88 711 5551.

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