When do I receive a provisional annual statement?

By 30 September of each year you will receive an annual statement for the previous year. The CAK has an obligation to provide this.

If we have not yet received your worldwide income from the Tax and Customs Administration, you will receive a provisional annual statement. We base this on the information relating to your Dutch income. No deductible items are taken into account in that case and we also do not yet apply all tax credits.

Provisional annual statement: additional payment required

If you have to pay a further amount to us, you can determine yourself when you do that. In that case it is not possible to enter into a payment arrangement with us.

Provisional annual statement: refund due

Have you overpaid? If so, we will refund the money you are owed directly. It is possible that your worldwide income is higher than your Dutch income. In that case you may need to pay an amount back to us.

Please note: Have you not received an annual statement from us by the beginning of October? Please contact us on the telephone number +31 88 711 5551.

Explanation of calculation of annual statements (in Dutch)

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