How do I obtain medical care in my country of residence?

Did you receive a document S1/form 121 from us? Then take this document to the health insurance fund in your country of residence.

Register at the health insurance fund

You first apply to the health insurance fund in your new place of residence or country of residence. In some countries, this may also be another body. The leaflet accompanying the document S1/form 121 shows which health insurance fund (or body) is in your country. 

If you have registered with the health insurance fund, we will be notified of this. 

Exception: For some countries we arrange your registration directly with the health insurance fund there. You don't have to do anything yourself. You will receive a letter from us.


It is useful to first request information from the health insurance fund in your new country of residence. They can tell you if you need additional documents or information.

Including family members under your policy

Have you indicated on the application form S1/121 that you want to co-insure family members? You will then receive a separate document S1/form 121 for each member of the family. Turn these in to the health insurance fund in your new country of residence. The health insurance fund assesses whether you can co-insure your family members. That depends on the rules in your new country of residence. The health insurance fund lets us know which family members you can co-insure.

Healthcare contribution

You pay for yourself and for your co-insured family members a healthcare contribution to us through your pension or benefit. Your country of residence will settle the cost of medical care for you and your co-insured family members accounts with the Netherlands.

Do you want more information?

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Last modified on 28 April 2021

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