How do I obtain medical care in my country of residence?

In most countries you register with the health insurance fund in your place or country of residence. The leaflet accompanying the S1/E121 tells you which body you need to contact. It is a good idea to obtain some information from that body first. They can tell you whether you need any additional documents. There may also be certain arrangements to make before you can register with a health insurance fund. In Sweden, for example, you must already be in possession of a tax number, so you need to apply for that in advance.

Once you have registered with the health insurance fund, we will receive confirmation of this.

Including family members under your policy

A different registration process applies for your family members. As soon as you submit your S1/E121 to a health insurance fund in your new country of residence, the fund will check whether your family members are also included under your policy. This depends on the law in your new country of residence.

Your family members are only definitively registered if your health insurance fund notifies us that this is the case. From that point on your family members will be registered with us as your co-insured parties. We will inform you of this by letter.

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