How can my family members and I receive medical care in our country of residence?

If your family members no longer live or work in the Netherlands, they can no longer have Dutch health insurance. In some cases they can be co-insured under your policy in their country of residence. That is only possible, however, if they live in a treaty country.

I live with my family members in a treaty country. What should I do?

Apply to your Dutch health insurer for an S1/E106 for yourself:

  • Do you live in the EU, EEA or Switzerland? If so, you will be given an S1.
  • Do you live in another treaty country? In that case you will receive an E106.

Submit the document/form to a local health insurance fund in the country in which you and your family members live. Also, register your family members immediately with that fund. You do not need a separate document/form for your family members. The local health insurance fund will then determine which family members are included under your policy and will notify us.

You and any co-insured family members will usually then receive a health insurance card or proof of registration from that health insurance fund. This entitles you to the same care as residents of your country of residence who are insured there. Your family members are only definitively registered if your health insurance fund notifies us that this is the case. From that point on your family members will be registered with us as your co-insured parties. We will inform you of this by letter.

What if the local health insurance fund decides that family members cannot be included under your policy? In that case enquire in their country of residence about the options available for taking out health insurance for your family members.

NB: You only receive an S1/E106 if you live in a treaty country, with the exception of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Do you live in one of those countries or a non-treaty country? In that case enquire in your country of residence about how you can take out health insurance for your family members.

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Last modified on 02 March 2021

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