I am going abroad to study and work. How will that affect my health insurance?

How that affects your health insurance depends on where you will be studying and working. Will you be in a treaty country or not and will you remain insured or not under the Wlz? See which situations apply to you below.

Treaty country or not?

I am going to study and work in a treaty country

In that case your Dutch health insurance expires from your first working day. Take out medical insurance from your first working day in your country of employment. Ask your employer about the insurance you can take out in that country. Also stop your healthcare benefit.

I am going to study and work in a non-treaty country

Please contact the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB.nl/en). Ask them whether you will remain insured under the Long-Term Care Act (Wlz).

Insured or not under the Wlz?

I will remain insured under the Wlz

In that case you are obliged to have health insurance in the Netherlands. You also retain your right to a healthcare benefit.

I will no longer be insured under the Wlz

In that case cancel your health insurance as soon as possible. You should also immediately stop your healthcare benefit. Enquire in your country of employment about the insurance you need to take out there.

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