I am going to study abroad for less than a year. How will that affect my health insurance?

In that case you are still obliged to have health insurance in the Netherlands. You remain entitled to care in accordance with the terms and conditions of your Dutch health insurance policy. Ask your health insurer about the cover available abroad under your health insurance policy. Take out supplementary insurance if necessary. You may not stop your health insurance, even if you are insured via the university in your country of study.

As long as you have health insurance in the Netherlands, you also retain your right to a healthcare benefit. Will you be studying in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland? If so, apply to your health insurer in the Netherlands for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This entitles you to the necessary medical care in the country where you are studying. Costs will be refunded in accordance with the rules and rates that apply in your country of study.

Can my health insurer stop my insurance?

Yes, that can happen if you deregister from your municipality’s personal records database. Your health insurer will be notified of this and will automatically stop your health insurance.

Before you go abroad you should therefore contact your health insurer and explain your situation. Are you unable to resolve the matter with them? In that case contact the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB.nl/en). The SVB will determine whether you will remain insured under the Long-Term Care Act (Wlz).

Insured or not under the Wlz?

I will remain insured under the Wlz

In that case retain your Dutch health insurance.

I will no longer be insured under the Wlz

Cancel your Dutch health insurance. You should also immediately stop any healthcare benefit. Enquire in your country of study about the insurance you can take out there.

Please note: Are you going to work or undertake a paid traineeship? If so, your situation changes. In most cases you cannot then retain your Dutch health insurance. In such a case please always contact the Sociale Verzekerings Bank (SVB.nl/en). The SVB will determine whether you will remain insured under the Wlz.

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