Has your family member (or client) died?

Did your family member (or client) pay a healthcare contribution for themselves and/or family members? Then the health insurance fund in the country of residence (or SVB or UWV) will notify the CAK accordingly. Registration with the health insurance fund ceases at the time of death. The CAK therefore stops collecting the healthcare contribution.

You can also report the death of your family member (or client) directly to us. To do so, use the secure contact form on this website. Do you have a death certificate? Then include this as an attachment. Read how to complete the contact form

You can also send the ‘death certificate’ by post. If you use our address label, a stamp is not required.

Please note

Were you, as a family member, co-insured with the deceased person? In that case, your healthcare insurance via the CAK will end at the time the principal insured person dies. Do you have any questions? Call us on +31 88 711 5551. Our staff will be happy to help you.

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