The CAK pays a lot of attention to the user-friendliness, accessibility and findability of online information. Everyone should be able to find, view and use the CAK website.

What is an accessible website?

An accessible website is easy to use for everyone. From visitors with a smartphone to visitors with a braille reading rule.

How does the CAK ensure that the website is and remains accessible?

We ensure good accessibility by: 

  • If we create something new on the site, we ensure that it complies with the accessibility guidelines. 
  • We investigate how users use the website. We also often ask for their opinion. If we encounter problems, we will try to resolve this as soon as possible. 
  • We have our websites tested by an independent research institute. Does the Institute encounter parts on the website that are not sufficiently accessible? We'll deal with that as soon as possible. 
  • The latest accessibility report (pdf, 1MB, Dutch only) has been published by an independent organisation in April 2022. The report concludes that as yet not all pages comply with the regulations. The Dutch government decided status B to be applicable. We are currently working to correct the issues.
  • Our employees are trained to create accessible websites and texts.

What accessibility requirements does the CAK website meet?

Our websites comply partially with WCAG 2.1, Level AA. The WCAG 2.1 contains guidelines for quality and accessibility of websites. Here is a link to the complete declaration at
Toegankelijkheidslabel van CAK. Het CAK voldoet gedeeltelijk. Klik op de afbeelding om naar de verklaring zelf te gaan.

Problem or question?

Are you experiencing an accessibility problem on our website? Please contact us via our contact form. Please state the problem you are experiencing and the link to the page or document where the problem occurs.

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