How will the CAK handle my objection?

An employee from our Objections & Appeals department will deal with your objection. He or she will have received special training in this area of work and will handle your objection independently and objectively.

Please note

Sometimes we may be able to deal quickly and easily with an issue you have raised. In such a case, instead of treating it as an objection, we will handle it as a request to adjust your treaty contribution or as notification that your details are incorrect, for example. Often you will then receive an answer much more quickly.

The objection process involves four steps:

  1. You lodge an objection against a decision. This must be done within six weeks of the date on the letter informing you of the decision.
  2. We process your objection. You receive a letter from us about this.
  3. We may ask you to explain your objection during a hearing. You are not obliged to attend such a hearing, but may do so if you wish.
  4. You receive a letter informing you of the decision made in relation to your objection. This will be sent within 12 to 18 weeks of the date on the letter that contained the decision. If we need more time, we will ask for your agreement to extend this period.


Do you disagree with our decision relating to your objection? If so, you can lodge an appeal with a court in your local area. The court before which you can bring your appeal will be indicated in the decision on the objection.

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